New Condominium Website Law in Florida

All condominiums with 150 units or more must have a website by January 1, 2019

Rick Scott signing HB1237 amendment of Florida Statute 718 Condominium Website Law

Amendment HB 1237 of Florida Statute 718 Condominiums

On June 27 of 2017, Florida Governor Rick Scott approved House Bill 1237 which is an amendment to the Florida Statute 718 Condominiums. This Bill addresses conflicts of interest, financial reporting, term limits and access to association records by the owners and residents of the condominium.

“By July 1, 2018, an association with 150 or more units which does not manage timeshare units shall post digital copies of the documents specified in subparagraph 2. on its website”. The above statement has been amended and the date is now January 1, 2019. Non-compliant condominium associations can be fined and/or criminally charged.

Are you part of a Condominium Association or Condo Management Company?

Condominium Association Websites of Florida works directly with Condominiums Associations and with Condo Management Companies.  We build and manage condominium websites and assist your homeowners with logins and security. This is important when choosing a condo website management company. Florida law states that all documents must be in a secured location online with a web portal for homeowners to log in and access this information.

Condominium Association Websites
Condominium Websites of Florida Records Management

“Our office is busy with record request”

Self managed condominium associations and condominium management companies love to have all of these documents online and accessible for the condo unit owners to cut down on record requests.  One client explained to us that a record request under Florida’s “Sunshine Law”, Section 718 of the Florida Statute, by a local reporter cost them over $45oo in labor time and resources including the office being open after hours.

Another client has issues with unit owners requesting multiple copies of notices and bylaws after hours.  These unit owners would complain at the board meetings about the lack of service by the condominium association.

An online web based record management system for condominium associations is key to providing customer service and saving the association funds regardless of the number of units on the property.  HB 1237 specifically mentions at 150+ units a condominium association must have a secured website. We predict that in future, revisions to the code will lower that number requirement.

“My Condo Management Company says they can do this”

While Condo Management Companies have their place in managing the day-to-day operations and coordinating the Condominium Association’s board meetings, they are typically out of their element when it comes to secured websites that must meet the new regulations of Florida Law.

If your Condo Management Company approaches you stating that they can offer this service for you, verify who holds the rights to the website if the Condominium Association decides to part way with the Condo Management Company.

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“So how much does all this cost?”

Condominium Association Websites of Florida knows that your time is important and understands that you are going to shop prices online. So we charge a flat $2995 for the website, domain name, design, secured portal access, and adding all your Condominium Association documents. Monthly billing is only $295 for website maintenance, customer support and adding any additional condo documents. This includes meeting minutes, agendas, notices and any new addendums.

Anything cheaper is a “do-it-yourself” solution or software package. Both not include customer support for your residence. Our products and services are here in the U.S.A and we support our troops.

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