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We have been developing websites for nearly 25 years. Yes, it was at the very beginning of the internet and the world wide web.  With a background in document control, record retention, DIN 66399, information technologies, network security, legal requirements and customer service, Microfile saw a need where one was not being filled properly.

Microfile® has been in business prior to the internet since 1976 with over 40 years experience. It all started with microfilming document records to a strategic online marketing company today. - internet marketing web design
HB 1237 - House Bill 1237 Florida HOA Condo Law

Condominium Association Websites of Florida

Microfile® was being approached by Condominium Associations and Condo Management Companies to design and manage their websites due to the new regulations of House Bill 1237 (HB 1237) of the Florida Statute Chapter 718 on Condominium Regulations. The new regulations to be added to the current condominium statute required a special expertise in website design and management.

A separate division was created with it own legal council and support team. This new team is specialized in condominium association regulations and laws. You can expect the same attention to detail and personalized customer service support from our new division as with Microfile®.

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