According to the new code for H.B. 1237 for F.S. 718, condominium associations must have a website for the unit owners to access condo documents and be able to manage it. We are going to focus on Condo Website Management in this post. The code states, “Upon a unit owner’s written request, the association must provide the unit owner with a username and password and access to the protected sections of the association’s website that contain any notices, records, or documents that must be electronically provided”. This can be a problem for condo associations that do not have an in-house webmaster or a dedicated full time person to manage the request.

It seems very basic to build a website for any business, but it quite often the management of that website that becomes and issue. A condominium association website does require a more management over a traditional advertisement website due to user security settings, user account setups and constant password changes. This is where a third party condo website management company is worth its weight in gold.

When choosing a condominium association website company, make sure they offer condo website management. This is quite often overlooked when choosing a company because most web designers are just that, web designers, not service companies. You will want both a web designer and a support agency.

A Condo Website Management company must be able to keep up with the changes by the condominium association and the request of the unit owners with account creations and password updates. The Condo Website Management company should also assist with any user errors from the client. This happens more often than desired and a condominium association or condo management company can become overwhelmed with how to handle these issues. This is also why the “Do-it-yourself” and “out-of-the-box” type website software packages fail the client.

On a final note is the security requirement for the condo website. This is often overlooked by web designers that are not familiar with secured website builds. A condominium website must be secure to protect the associations data from public view. This includes most if not all of the condo docs, articles of incorporation, resident information, floor plans, door access codes, rules and regulations, etc… A Condo Website Management company should coordinate what is to be seen by the public and what is considered unit owner only accessible with the condominium association and/or management company. Security ties in tightly with the setting up the user accounts and the actual owners of the units. Make sure your Condo Website Management company can comply with everything in the F.S. 718 code and HB 1237 in regards to management and security.

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