House Bill 1237 (H.B. 1237) has some very specific wording when it comes to providing meeting notices. It is also very specific on how the condominium unit owner is to access these notices. The wording in the new HB1237 is designed to make it easy for the condominium unit owner to find where to go. We have seen design over function when it comes to condominium websites. It creates confusion to the user when menus are too convoluted and/or hidden. House Bill 1237 (H.B. 1237) does require the “notice to be posted in plain view on the front page of the website, or on a separate subpage of the website labeled “Notices” which is conspicuously visible and linked from the front page”. This is a key feature to have on the condominiums association website to not violate Florida Statute 718 (F.S. 718) once H.B. 1237 goes into full effect on January 1st, 2019. It also makes all Condominium Association Website more accessible to wider range of viewers. Many Condo owner looking for notices and meeting information are from mixed generations. The stress of looking for this information should be easy and is suggested by Condominium Association Websites of Florida that condo websites need not be to flashy. Creating overly forward designs can cause the user to be become frustrated and lost. Notices to be posted are any unit owner meetings, board meetings, agendas for the meetings, documents required for the meeting, and documents that are to be voted on.  These notices are to be posted no later than the date required for notice pursuant to Florida Statute F.S. 718.112(c).  Most notices require a 14 consecutive day posting before the meeting. Condominium Association Websites of Florida recommends reading the Florida Statute to be fully informed on posting date requirements. Check back at Condominium Association Websites of Florida to get a breakdown of the requirement posting timeframe of notices. #realestate #condo #newlisting
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