Condominium Association Website Development and Design 

We start with the Development and Design of a Condominium Association Website. We typically will register a domain name, if you do not already have one, and purchase the location where the website will be hosted. We typically use domain and hosting services with to keep it simple. Once the domain and hosing has been secured, we then install WordPress on the platform and use one of our template websites. The template is used to set the basic structure of the website to include account login and logout access, unit management, document control, secured access, and a community section if optioned. We are currently offering the service of professional photography which is included in the price if you are in the South Florida area. This includes photos of the building(s), guard gates, main lobbies, recreational areas, pool(s), and other areas that highlight the property. At this time, you can own a Condominium Association Website for only $2995. We say, “Own”, because it is the property of the Condo Association, not us or the property management company. To keep a website like this properly updated and use of the customer support, please see the next topic on “Monthly Condominium Association Website Management”

condominium association websites of florida web design

Monthly Condominium Association Website Management

Often overlooked on many Condominium Association Websites is the maintenance and management. WordPress, like other website tools, get updates due to browser changes, enhancements and/or for security reasons. Monthly or sooner as needed, we perform updates to the backend code so that all continues to work properly. We also update your online documents on the website, taking the burden off of you to know website design,  online file management and proper downloadable extension types. Finally, we provide customer support for you and your unit owners. This includes account management, creations, password changes, information updates and help with navigation. We are always interested in getting feedback from you and the unit owners. This service which is a bargain is only $295 a month. 

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